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At PACS we have an extensive range of plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard / craft, biodegradable or customized packaging for the best preservation and image of your products, in compliance with the highest standards of quality and food safety.

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Different capacities and types of rectangular, round, and oval aluminum containers are available for the food industry.

Standard or custom designs for safety and brand image of your products. Plastic Trays, Jars, Bottles, Carafes, Caps, Glasses, and other items, of different capacities, at your disposal.

Techniques: Thermoforming and Injection

Carton is a lightweight, economic and recyclable packaging material. Multi Food containers for fast food, pastry and others available.

  • Small and medium glass jars
  • Glass containers
  • Glass bottles for juices, liquors (beer, wine and champagne) and oil.

Ecological or environmentally friendly food packaging is a commitment to the sustainable development of the planet. They represent an effective and efficient alternative to conventional materials since their impact at the manufacturing time and when discarded is lower. They are resistant to high temperatures (hot drinks, for example) and do not add artificial flavors to the final product.

  • BIO Packaging: These are containers that decompose or fragment, thanks to the action of biological agents such as water, sun, microorganisms, animals, or plants, but are not reintegrated back into the ecosystem.
  • Compostable packaging: This type of container is also biodegradable. The difference is that these when decomposed, generate compost or also known, organic fertilizer.

Check out our range of recyclable, biodegradable, and even compostable packaging.

Check our range of products for Hygiene and disinfection for the Food Industry

Hydroalcoholic Disinfectant Gel (7% Alcohol):
100 ML, 300ML 500ML, 1000ML (1Lts) y 5000ML (5 Lts).

Surface disinfectant (75% alcohol):
500ML and 1L format available.


Discover a wide range of products and integrated solutions for the food industry & Horeca sector.

Cocoa and coffee
Dairy products
Frozen french fries
Dried fruits