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Cocoa & coffee

From beans to the chocolate bar or the best cup of coffee, our portfolio includes organic and conventional products, considering 4 pillars: fair trade, shared value, traceability and best quality.

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Cocoa beans are the raw material for making chocolate. Being a 100% natural product, the richness of growing conditions (land, altitude, humidity & others) has a significant influence on their sensory profiles.

Fine or Flavour Cocoa

Fine or Flavour Cocoa represent 5-6% of total world production and are produced from Criollo & Trincheras variety. This definition adopted by International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) describes cocoa beans with exceptional aromatic and flavor notes such as floral, fruits, wood, apple, or dried fruits.



  • Rio Caribe
  • Sur del Lago
  • Carnero Superior
  • Trincheras
  • Ocumare


  • Nacional Arriba
  • CCN51

Packaging: Yute Sacks 60 KG or Big Bags

“Bulk” or “Ordinary” Cocoa

“Bulk” or “Ordinary” Cocoa beans comes from “Forastero” variety type and represents 93,5% of global cocoa production.



  • Ghana
  • Costa de Marfil

PackagingYute Sacks 60 KG or Big Bags



Cocoa Liquor or also called “Cocoa Paste or Mass” is the result of the grinding of cocoa beans, previously shelled and toasted. It is a base product for making chocolate.

Packaging: 20 KG



Cacao Butter (Deodorized & Non-Deodorized)


Cocoa Butter comes from the pressing of cocoa liquor. It is a base ingredient for making chocolate and confectionery products. It´s also used in the cosmetic industry.

  • Cacao Butter (Non-Deodorized) or 100% Deodorized.

Product Presentation:

  • Blocks (solid) 25 KG
  • Liquid Form (Tank)

Cocoa Powder (Natural or Alkalized)


Cocoa Powder is obtained after cocoa cake pulverization. The product is marketed as natural or alkalized.


From tree to a chocolate bar or an aromatic cup of coffee!
Discover what is hiding behind each origin, each farmer, each artisan maker…




Behind the delicious aroma that awakens and stimulates us every morning, there is a whole world to discover. There are two main types of coffee beans: “Arabicas” and “Robustas”.

Arabica coffee or also called “Arabigo” is one of the most precious beans in the world, thanks to its rich aromas and fruity- floral flavors. Is produced in high latitudes (500-800 meters), under subtropical climates.

In contrast, we find the Robusta Coffee or also known as “Coffea Canephora”. It is a varietal that is produced in greater volume, with bitter tones and a clear tendency to notes of wood or nuts.




The roasting process gives coffee the aromas and flavors so coveted in our everyday life.

There are three types of toasting:

  • Light: cinnamon-colored grains. It maintains fruity aromas and typical of the product.
  • Medium: Brown grains. Bring sweet tones, with a slight tendency to caramel.
  • Intense: Dark brown grains. Provides stronger, bitter flavors and aromas.

At PACS we have to your disposal:

  • Coffee Powder
  • Coffee Beans





It´s the natural cocoa seed unroasted. It´s considered a powerful antioxidant, a natural regulator of blood sugar levels, and is an excellent stimulant of memory and concentration.



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